Justifying the unjustified – what Indians say about oppressed Kashmiris

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Martin Luther King, Jr. once said:

The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.

But in case of people of Jammu and Kahsmir, the case does not ends over silence. The good people are instead justifying the cruelty. Arising from the martyrdom (say death if you do not agree to) of a young Kashmiri, Burhan Wani, the unrest in Indian held Jammu and Kashmir (IHJK) took an ugly turn with Indian Army started using pellet guns against the demonstrators. Hundreds of young men and women, and children received pellet shots directly on their faces, many consequently losing their eyesight.

An article was published in Scroll.in narrating diary of a Srinagar resident reflecting on the meaning of ‘azadi’.The article was later republished in one of the Pakistan’s leading newspaper Dawn, with the title “Diary of a Kashmir curfew: Our eyes are crucial to envisioning our future”. Skimming through the comments I was startled to see many Indian commentators justifying the use of pellet guns on the pretext of one argument or another. Mostly they were trying to equate the throwing of stones, as many young Kashmiris do, on the Indian Army personnel to the use of pellet guns. Some justified the horrific acts of making young girls and children blind through the use of pellet guns by declaring it as a of self-defense on the part of Indian Army.

Indian Army killing innocent Kahsmiris

If true, then perhaps it is the only army in the world that needs to pour pellets on innocent young faces in order to protect the already heavily protected and guarded uniformed soldiers – that’s a different story that the tiny pebbles thrown by the small hands do not reach them in the first place. Even if it is the case, the pellets is no answer to the protest lodged by the suppressed Kashmiris.

No sane human would ever justify this barbarism except for the following Indians – the comments are taken from very the Dawn article discussed above.

If you are throwing stones and trying to Kill police men and army people . Then they have to come with self defense. Why kids of age 10-15 years coming out and throwing stones. Parents should guide their kids and try keep away from such act. Or else don't blame.

If they don't pelt stone these pellets will never be used

Don't mix up cause and effect. Don't throw stones at the police, no pellets will be fired. Don't shoot at the police, no guns will be fired.

10-18yrs old Kids!! Misguided kids. Parents shouldn't let them go out on street to throw stone at security personal. Security has order not to fire unless self defense or prevent violence.

Take care of your studies. Do not through stones at security forces. if you can through stones, you are no longer innocent.Solution is simple.....don't throw stones at security forces....u will not be harmed......if u want to demonstrate, do it peacefully else get ready for the consequence....

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