11 Struggles only short girl with a tall guy will understand

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Short girls are so adorable but sometimes it annoys them as well when people make ridicule them. Have you stopped growing? Are you still in school? And when you are with a tall guy, oh boy! Those battles are genuine.

  1. Spooning – Always little spoon.

You are always a small spoon because if you become a bigger one, there will be no spooning.

  1. Your head or shoulder is always his armrest.

Anytime, anywhere, you are his armrest.

  1. You cannot reach his face to kiss.

He has to bend down. Or you have to go up.

  1. Hugs are always awkward.

You are always hugging his legs and not him. Or maybe you can reach his chest if you pull yourself up.

  1. You’ll always have to walk fast.

His tall legs will take longer steps and your tiny legs will have to walk fast.

  1. You’ll struggle a lot to win an argument.

You are not winning any fight. You are short my friend. They have to bend down to hear you.

  1. Once you are lost in the crowd. God help you finding him.

You’ll be only seeing people from back by looking up.

  1. You’ll always need his help to get the things from the upper world. He is your ladder.

Shopping? Kitchen counters? Come here, find me that or I’ll have to climb a mountain to reach them.

  1. Selfies are awkward.

You are not in the picture if he is taking it. If you are taking it, only his chest will be in the picture.

  1. You will have a backache or neck ache for always looking up at him.

Please sit down and talk, I need to rest my eyes and neck and back.

  1. You will always have less space in the bed.

Isn’t it sad?

At the end, you are cute and they cannot get angry with you for long. They’ll generally feel great to lift you up on the grounds that they are your superhero. They’ll generally ponder about such a variety of emotions in a tiny thing. You both look cute together to people.

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