8 times Hollywood movies tried to make you a better person

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I am a movies fanatic and I have always wanted people to watch good movies rather than wasting their time. Yes, there are some movies, which you’ll show to your kids and your kids will show to their kids. Good movies never get old. Movies and books are two things which can take you to another world and make you experience very different things and teach so many lessons. Steve Martin once said, “You know what your problem is, it’s that you haven’t seen enough movies – all of the life’s riddles are answered in the movies.”  If you need to learn something, these movies will give you hope and make you learn so many lessons and realities about life.

I can brag all day about so many good movies but here is the list of 8 movies to make you a better person:

  1. Batman – The Dark Knight.

The Joker who is not a hero but a villain in this film, he can tell you so many things in this movie but this quote is explaining everything itself. Also Why so serious?

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean.

Captain Jack Sparrow trying to make you understand that even bigger problems can be tiny if you just deal with them that way. And off course, if you will let tiny ones take over you, they’ll be bigger. Do not think, just deal. Only the attitude matters and time will do its job.

  1. The Godfather.

Hug to every friend. Nothing is above friendship and there is nothing more beautiful than friends. Friends, who are always there to talk about our problems even if they don’t have solutions, just like family.

  1. Shutter Island.

Sit down and think. The choice is yours, my friend. You have to die one day anyway. Why not make worth dying? So that you can never die and your spirit can still be alive. Because This is sick fucking world we live in.

  1. The Shawshank Redemption.


Hope is the only thing which can get you whatever you want. It can make you cross oceans. If you are living without hope, you are not living. Because than you have nothing forward, you are not looking for anything… and what kind of life is that? Have hope about your goals, get up and make them happen.  Hope can drive a man insane.

  1. Fight Club.


Everything you see on television isn’t going to happen in your life. The reality is far worse my friend. It will bite you so slowly while growing up. Wake up and make your way to reality. Hands down this is the best movie of all time. There are so many lessons in one movie.

  1. Forrest Gump.

Would you want to shut new doors in your life while keeping the old still open? You will die anyway. And we have come with short time in this world. Why wasting it on a thing which can never be undone and never comes back? It’s time to move on my friend. Stop wasting you life’s best years.

  1. The Pursuit of Happyness.


Do not let anyone ever let you down. Do not ever let them tell you that you are useless. You are so much and you can do so much. You have goals, dreams and you’ll be making them true one day. You are not what they say and you’ll prove them wrong.

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