10 Things Only a Wedding Photographer Will Understand.

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Photography is incredibly tough and challenging job. Not all photographers do photography for money only. Sometimes it’s passion and when you start thinking about being professional with your passion, you have to make sure you are good at dealing with responsibility. Because pleasuring a wide range of people isn’t effortless. Apart from all the things, photography has its own fun. Of course, where you find more people, they’ll always entertain you time after time with so many spontaneous things. Here are the things going to happen if you are a wedding photographer:

  1. You will always wonder which kind of people you are going to capture:

You are going on a wedding and you’ll always fear if which area of human nature you are going to meet today. By that, you’ll always think if what kind of clothes will suit you today.


  1. You are most wanted person after bride and groom:

Oh yes, you are! You are a photographer and after bride and groom, people will always look for you. Yet the couple will even move if you will give them a go-ahead sign. You’ll always be concerned if they like you or they just want their work done?


  1. Your name will be taken everywhere on venue:

You are so popular that everyone will want you to take their pictures. Ladies will keep circling you around just to be captured in the camera. You’ll feel your head crowned for that and later you are going to tell your friends all these stories.


  1. You’ll always find ‘Daikh Teri Bhabhi’ for your friends in every wedding:

That girl is so pretty and you imagined all your Married .. Kids .. life with her. At the end of the event, you’ll discover that she is engaged and you’ll be capturing pictures with her ‘Honay wali Saas’ or ‘Honay waly Shohar’.

*Poor! Let’s find someone else on another event.*


  1. Boring moments of every wedding:

There will a time come in every wedding when you’ll be all alone and you won’t have any work rather than gazing at people. You’ll be sitting there in a corner wondering if why you are doing this?


  1. You’ll be annoyed by children and relatives:

You will always fear annoying children who won’t let you take pictures comfortably. And there is always one ‘aunty’ who’ll always try to pull you on her side because she wants you to take hundreds of her pictures with each person of her family. They both are your worst enemies.


  1. Free food, what else you can ask for?

And here, your favorite part comes when you’ll listen to a voice ‘Roti khul gai hai’, Free food is like ‘Sharab muft ki ho to qazi ko b halal’. Even if it’s bad you’ll always like it because you are not paying for it! Ha!


  1. You’ll always enjoy funny pictures from wedding:

Here comes the show time! When the wedding is done, you’ll be sitting in your room watching all the pictures you have taken. Then that annoying ‘aunty’ will appear on your screen and you’ll laugh like an idiot. Yes! That will be your entertainment. You’ll feel like you are doing an awesome job because you live it even after getting it done.


  1. You are never boring:

Wedding photographers can never be boring because they’ll have so many stories to tell you from weddings they had done.


  1. You’ll get satisfaction when your work is ready:

You’ll feel satisfactory when you’ll make your work ready to deliver and you’ll always look for good feedback because photography is your passion and appreciation motivates you! When you’ll finally get it you are like:


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