Cell Phones: How have they changed us socially?

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Mobile phones have now become a basic human need. Regarding this fact, each and every person from elementary school to a person old enough needs a cell phone. Not denying the fact that many apps like Messaging have made our life very easy. Is a person not picking up any call? Drop him a message. You need to go somewhere far and you don’t know the address? Just turn on GPS. Do you need a meeting with your employees at the office? Email them all at once.

These aren’t the only things a cell phone can do. During these days, a cell phone has major role about how our relationships are with each other. You interact less with someone and he is not your so-good-friend. You interact every time with someone, he is your best-mate. Apart from relationships, cell phone is playing a dominant role for wastage of time. Whether you do play games on it, you interact with someone, you play music or anything.

Cell telephones have changed society in a negative way more than they are doing any positive impact. There are numerous reasons why mobile phones are terrible. Phones cause a diversion for kids in classrooms, drivers out and about, and they can be addictive. Another negative impact is phones separate us from the people in real lives.

Cellphone are harming our society in so many ways but we are going to discuss:

Waste of Time:

Wrong use of cell phone can lead a person towards wasting of his time. Children in classroom use cellphones and do not pay attention to the studies. People spend hours while using different applications on their phones.

A mobile phone can also disrupt a meeting or class if proper etiquette is not followed. The phone ringing during a class or meeting can distract the attendees and waste precious time. Always put your phone in silent mode when you are in such a circumstance.

Waste of Money:

Aren’t you the one who likes to have a much-upgraded phone which is now launched in market and is very expensive? We have been wasting money on smartphones since the first day they have launched them. Smartphone have been upgraded yearly and we spend thousands of rupees every year. Even though your old smartphone can work exactly same like your new expensive smartphone but it says the version 4.0 so it attracted you! Cell phones are playing with your money and we have been played by the company but we are so much addicted that we don’t even get the idea of this.


Less face-to-face socializing:

People are so busy using cellphone that they don’t want to think they are sitting with a person and not talking to him. But a person who is far away, they are active with them on texts. Gatherings have become more about using cell phones together. You take pictures with your friends and come back home, your party went so-enjoying. This is the enjoyment nowadays. Thanks to social media, whatever cellphone left they have finished completely. People are more comfortable chatting with a friend which they don’t meet or see every day.


You can’t sleep every night and next day you are feeling tired why? Just because you were stuck to a cell phone screen last night. Aren’t you addicted to it? In fact during the day, you look at your mobile screen again and again just to see if there is any text or call even though it rings! You like scrolling applications and playing games so you do it after every 5 minutes… because you are addicted to it!


Road Accidents:

Elder children who can drive or even older people text or call while driving. This is now a habit and nobody try to remove this flaw. When people do that, road accidents happen. Government have taken steps to avoid this issue in so many countries. It has reduced but not finished yet.

The accidents caused by the usage of mobile phones when driving is innumerable. The temptation to pick an important call when driving is huge. While you may have done it successfully in the past, it is not a good idea. The distraction could easily cause you to lose control of the car and consequently cause an accident. While it is possible to put your phone on hands-free mode, it is usually best to wait until you get to your destination or even pull over in order to pick the call.


Sexting is one of the major issues of youth nowadays. People may call it freedom of speech or personal issue but it is more social than a personal issue. This is thinkable for parents before buying their children a cell phone because anyone can send any message to your mobile screens.

Privacy and Security:

What if you forget your phone somewhere in public? Oh my, God, you had your personal pictures and you had all the data of yours! Someone has got your phone and starting calling all of your friends and family… All of sudden your whole life is exposed and your privacy is totally ruined. Isn’t it an issue for you? People nowadays like keeping everything about them in their mobile phones but when it gets stolen or lost, it becomes the annoying thing and it can be very dangerous in many aspects.


Not-so-real human interaction:

How do you know if a person you are talking to and never met is the same person in his real life? You have never met him in your life and you share all your personal things with him. Just because he called you wrong once, does that mean a real friendship? NOT AT ALL.

We should be more taking care of ourselves than our expensive cell phone because if anything happens, it will affect our real life. Just by the fact, a box made of metal or plastic is playing with your lives. Isn’t it weird?

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